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If she is really your best friend she will continue to be your best friend, no matter who you are dating.

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Choose her and then later you tell your boyfriend you meant to choose him but you didn't want to hurt your best friends feelings

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Q: What do you do when your best friend want s u to choose between ur boyfriend or her?
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What do you do when your torn between your best guy friend and your boyfriend?

choose your boyfriend

If your best friend is making you choose between her and your amazing boyfriend who do you choose?

Well it all depends on who your heart tells you to choose. If you love your boyfriend more then your friend then go for it! Choose him! But if you like your friend better and if you know she hasn't stabbed you in the back and won't stab you in the back in the future, choose your friend!

What do you do if your best friend is cheating on her boyfriend?

Do nothing. It is between them.

What do you do if your boyfriends best friend loves you?

Then you choose the one that you truly love. If ou love the best friend then tell the boyfriend. Don't cheat. If you still like the boyfriend then tell the best friend in a nice way that you are not interested.

How do you choose your boyfriend or your best guy friend that is in love with you?

Choose the one that you really like/love , you can still be friends with the other one .

Why does a guy choose my best friend to cheat on me with?

I think maybe your friend has weak willpower sorry Probably because your friend is around a lot of the time when he is with you and he has got to know her too. You might also ask, why did my best friend choose my boyfriend to cheat with.

What was the worst part for Bella?

The worst part for Isabella Swan (Bella) is having to choose between her best friend, werewolf, Jacob Black or her boyfriend, vampire, Edward Cullen. Who does she choose? READ THE BOOKS

Your straight best friend has a boyfriend but you know she likes you how can you make her choose you?

dont make her choose you just wait intill she breaks up with her current boyfriend that way their wont be a fight

Who is worse the boyfriend who cheats on his girlfriends with her best friend or the girls best friend?

They both are bad. If your best friend cheats on you with your boyfriend, she is a NOT a loyal friend. And if your boyfriend cheats on you, DUMP HIM.

What does the abbreviation boyfriend stand for?

Boyfriend or best friend. But its usually used for best friend

Im in love with my ex boyfriend best friend what can I do?

Dating your ex-boyfriend's best friend is an option, however, it could potentially lead to drama. There are plenty of guys out there to choose from, so it might be wise to focus on someone else.

Why does your best friend not have a boyfriend?

if your best friend is a girl she may not be ready for a boyfriend if your friend is a boy then he isn't into boys.