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You can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance well they're no friends of mine.

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Q: What do you do when you want to get popular but dont want to leave your friends behind?
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How do you find out if your friends hate you?

if they are ignoring you and they dont talk to you, or they always leave you out or if you find out they've been talking bout you behind your back or just are generally horrible then move on you dont have to be friends with them let them know how your feeling but if they dont care leave go find new better friends!!

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you can dance if you want to you can leave your friends behind cause if they dont dance there no friend of mine

How can you be friends with your crush who is popular but not you?

You become popular and get cool and dont be a loser.

Who are you friends?

Your friends are people who you can trust, stand by you, help you through difficult situations, dont leave you, dont hurt you,dont lie to you. :) xxx

How can you tell if your popular or not?

It depends on what you mean by popular. If you mean toward your friends then it just means they are fond of you. You can tell that by if they dont talk about you behind your back. if you mean popular as in does everyone like you, then it's pretty simple, most people like you...

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I don't no just leave it!

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What do you do if you miss all the people you know from school even the people you dislike and you dont know how to get back in touch because you wont see them again?

* It's very difficult for younger people to move on and leave most friends behind, but, you can email them and perhaps at least one or two might come to visit you or you can visit them. In everyone's lives at some point we have to leave friends behind so you make new friends where you live. You can do this through school; volunteering or church. The sooner you get back out there and get involved the quicker you will make friends. Some friends will come and go, but there are friends in the future you will meet.