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  • Love can be a heartache at any age and since your boyfriend told you he did not feel the same about you he means he does not love you (perhaps likes you) and that is not your fault, but you will have to accept it. As heartbreaking as it is sometimes women of all ages may have one or more boyfriends in their lifetime thinking they are the right person for them when, in fact, they are not and this means you just have not met that special person that should be in your life. With every breakup from a boyfriend there is a grieving period much like losing a loved one to death and that is normal. It's normal for the person still in love to remember the good times they had together and also, some blame themselves for the breakup when often the chemistry simply is not there between the two people. Steady dating and marriage are a risk and we all hope for a successful relationship and the couple should work at it, but there are times a person simply chooses the wrong person. If your boyfriend has not broken up with you at this point then tell him if he does not love you as you love him then you are breaking up. If you have broken up then take your time to a degree and then get out with friends and back into the dating circuit so you will free yourself up to meet that special person in the future.
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It's important to communicate openly and honestly with your boyfriend about your feelings and to listen to his perspective. You can express your need for reassurance and discuss where both of you stand in the relationship, acknowledging that people express emotions differently. Give him some time to process his feelings and try to understand his perspective without putting pressure on him to say "I love you" back. Communication and understanding are key in navigating these situations.

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It sounds like he is not willing to make a commitment.

But ... some people have a lot of trouble talking about these things. The real test is how he behaves.

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dump him girl..

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Q: What do you do when you told your boyfriend you love him and he doesnt say it back but he says he has feelings for you?
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I love my boyfriend but i feel like he doesnt love me back how do i know if my boyfriend still loves me?

Say to him that you love him and wait for him to say it back. You'll feel it when he loves you back.

What does it mean when you tell a girl i love you and she responds thank you?

I think it means she likes you, but doesnt want to answer back just yet. It could mean that, or it could mean that she doesnt like you, but doesnt want to hurt your feelings by saying "I dont have the same feelings for you." Hope this helps.

What should i do if i love a girl who is committed to someone else?

Tell her you love her away from her boyfriend or whatever.If she says she doesnt want to love you back just walk away and say you understand.

Is it wrong to send love poems to a girl who is not your girlfriend?

Well if she has AA boyfriend then don't. If she doesnt then do it in a way will it does not show to much feelings, then you should ask her out after you do. If she doesnt like you now she will after the poem. Oh and don't act emmbarrsed about the poem when you give it to her.

Does your boyfriend still love you even if he doesnt talk to you?

it means he doesnt love you.... or in other words hes attracted to someone else..

What if you like this boy and he like u back but he have a girlfriend and he love her but you have feelings for him and you broke up with your boyfriend to be with hiom what do you do?

get over him unless he breaks up with her.

Does it matter how often you hang out with your boyfriend?

no i doesnt just tall him that you love him :)

Is it bad if after a year and half your boyfriend says he still doesnt know if he loves you?

Maybe he really does love you but is scared to tell you! mostly boys are like that they dont like telling people there feelings ! <3

How do your boyfriend act when he doesnt love you?

he'd go on the quiet side and start to fade away but don't worry you can always bring him back Dr Katie

Your boyfriend is leaving for 2 and a half months what should you do to say goodbye and let him know you will love still love him when he gets back?

You cannot honestly guarantee what your feelings will be in two and a half months time, during which he does not participate in your life. Assess your feelings when he returns.

So I have a boyfriend and we are living together. I love him more than anything. But me and my ex started to talk. We are trying to be friends but my feelings for him are coming back...hard. How do I get rid of the feelings and stay friends?

dump the new one

What if you still dream about your boyfriend after you have broken up?

It means that you still love or have feelings for him.