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as long as shes not hitting on him then you shouldn't have to worry about anything

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Q: What do you do when you feel like your girlfriend asking another guy to dance is cheating and she doesn't agree and says dancing isn't cheating?
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What if your girlfriend moves to another state and you date another girl?

What if? Well, that would mean you were cheating on her. So good think you're just asking.

How do you read the face of a cheating girlfriend?

It is not possible to accurately determine if someone is cheating just by looking at their face. Communication and trust are key in addressing concerns about infidelity in a relationship. It is important to have an open and honest conversation with your girlfriend to discuss any suspicions or doubts you may have.

Is your girlfriend in new york shonae cheating on you?

'''ANSWER:''' ''' I wish I know the type of question you are asking here, maybe more details?'''

Why husband is asking you to watch you having massage from another man?

He Is gay and is cheating on you with the masseuse.

How can you tell if your girlfriend isn't cheating with your friend?

Before asking your girlfriend or your friend if they are cheating on you it would be wise to follow one or both of them to see if you can catch them first. Check your girlfriend's messages on her cell phone or if you are living together then check where she has been on the Internet. If this is not possible then simply ask your best friend if he is cheating with your girlfriend and then ask your girlfriend. If they are lying often their face may turn red; they generally do not make eye contact; they may shift from foot to foot or leave the room completely or, they may argue loudly (over dramatizing) that they are not cheating.

What should you believe after you caught your girlfriend cheating and she tells you she's still loves you wanting to be with you?

Your girlfriend had to get caught cheating by you and was not honest and admitted she had made a mistake and cheated on you. Therefore, she is playing two against the middle. She wants to keep you on the sidelines while she does as she likes. Cheating is disrespectful and a good relationship is based on honesty; loyalty and good communication skills. However, humans make mistakes and it will be up to you to decide if she is worth giving another change by talking out your problems and asking her why she felt she had to cheat on you in the first place.

Is it cheating on your friend if you went on a date and then you asked another girl out?

If you didn't break-up with your friend before asking the other girl out and that girl said yes, then you ARE cheating on your friend.

How would you know if your girlfriend was cheating on you?

The only way you will know is by asking her. If the two of you really know each others, by asking her directly and if she lie to you, you will sense it. Believe to your own faith and instinct. Remember the old saying, " the truth will set you free."

Why is my boyfriend married to another girl on facebook?

Maybe they are just friends.Try asking him about it , but don't make it seem like he might be cheating

What is the name of Jiro Wang's past girlfriend?

hello i asking for jiro wang is what name of girlfriend hello i asking for jiro wang is what name of girlfriend

How do you get your girlfriend to do things for you?

By asking

Can you transmit chlamydia to your cheating girlfriend?

If you are asking if it is okay to knowingly and deliberately attempt to pass on an infectious disease to another person then the answer to that is clearly NO.In fact to do so deliberately is likely to be a criminal offence which depending on the severity and consequences may result in imprisonment.If your partner is cheating on you the correct thing to do is to speak to them about it and then decide from there if the relationship may be salvaged or if you think it is better to split up.Also if you know you have chlamydia you should get treatment. A more general sexual health checkup would also be advisable for both yourself and your girlfriend.