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ask her to come over ur house or if shes not your friend join a club shes in or something.

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You have to be able to handle rejection. Dating is difficult. Don't take rejection personally. It just means that you two are not compatible. There are other fish in the sea, and move on.

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Q: What do you do to ask a girl out but you are so shy?
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What does it mean when a shy girl's friends are always looking at you in the halls at high school?

She's interested in you and is to shy to ask you out (so ask her out) and her friends are curious.

Do shy guys ask out shy girls?

it depend sometime they so shy they wont even up to the girl and talk to her if you want you can go and talk to him

How should you ask a shy girl out if your shy?

Ask her to go to the movies with you, because shy girls usually like movies.

How do you tell if a shy girl likes you when you are shy to?

man up and ask her

What do you do when a girl likes a boy and he like her but a girl is to shy to ask him her out?

If you like the girl just ask her! it will be fine if you know she likes you just ask her and it will be ok i promise!!!!! tell me when you get the news!! that girl is going to be so happy!!!

How do you tell if a shy girl is interested or not and also how do you tell if there shy at all?

You can tell that a shy girl likes you how? well if she looks at you and smiles but doesnt say anything there is a chance try and get her not to be so shy talk to her ask her questions show her that you are intrested

Why is it so hard to ask her out?

Sometimes it is hard to ask a girl out if the guy is shy. You can try asking her out via text or social media.

Can you give me an example of sentence for afar?

He was too shy to ask the pretty girl out, so he admired her from afar.

I am asking out a girl for my EX cause he's really shy so what should I do?

Um..ask them out for him?? lol

Why is it so hard for a guy to ask out a girl if he knows the girl likes him back?

Its because his shy ! :D He wants to make a good impression on her, so that the girl will still like him !

How do you ask out your friend girl if she likes you or not in a nice way or a hint and I'm shy?

You can ask her indirectly if you are shy to ask. You can ask that whether you could join me in for a coffee.

How can you stop being so shy in front of a cute shy girl and should you tell her she is cute?

tell her she is cute! if you dont ask you will never know if she likes you.