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Though this experience is painful, you need to make a decision on whether this breaks the relationship for you. If it's cool with you to have an open relationship, express this to your wife. Otherwise, it's best to see that she has made her choices which compromised your relationship. This maybe something she will not take responsibility for openly, so it's best for you to divorce and move on with your life. Accept the fact that women are just as sexual (if not more) as men are perceived and realize that these things happen very often in relationships. If this is something you know for a fact, then why waste time on deciding what to do with your relationship and your life?

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Q: What do you do if your wife had an affair with your coworker?
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If husband works at place and his having affair with coworker or boss can the wife sue the person or the workplace?

Probably not. -MJB

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Your wife had an affair with a coworker will she still communicate with him?

You would have to discuss that with her. We have no way of knowing. Since they are co-workers, a certain amount of contact might be inevitable.

What happened if your married coworker and lover of two months suddenly stops calling and quits his job without warning?

His wife knows about your affair. LOL that first response was a funny but perhaps he wanted to get away from you and this was the only way to get rid of you but his wife perhaps did find out about the affair!

Can a husband claim sexual harassment with his wife's company if she and her coworker was having an affair?

No, just go after the person that is in the affair with the wife... you can get him for Breaking up your marriage in some states, I would check it out... ( But remember it takes two for a affair to happen, so who is really to blame , him or her??)... BUT you had better have Positive proof its happening, also is he married, if so talk to his wife... You can get him fired (and her) if you talk to their Boss about what is happening at the work place. Good Luck

Is talking to a lady coworker all the time on your cell considered cheating on your wife?

Unless you are talking about business with this woman by cell then you should only keep your casual conversations at work. You already know you are playing with fire as you have absolutely no reason to constantly talk with this coworker and therefore, whether you have an affair with this woman or not you are, in ways cheating on your wife. When in doubt put yourself in your wife's shoes .. how would you feel if she did what you are doing?

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If it is yes most definately.

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What medical test to do to see if wife had affair?

Word-of-mouth.If you think that your wife is having a affair is better to talk to her.

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