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go with your heart!

but with if you like both??

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Q: What do you do if your dating a guy and your ex still has feeling for you and you think you have feeling for him too?
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How do you kiss a guy you aren't dating?

Seeing as it's a guy you're not dating you should try to do it more sexually than a guy you are dating. And with less feeling. Kiss him like you think he would kiss you. Be confident and go for it (:

What do you do if your best friend is dating the guy your still in love with?

you should tell her how you feel, and try to make her understand that you still having feeling for the person.

If a man does not tell you he loves you after dating him for six months.even after you ask he still doesn't What does this mean?

The guy love you its just a guy cant really express his feeling just give him some time he will tell so or later

What if a guy that used to love you is dating someone but somehow in your heart you know that he might still love you think its possible?

Yes, of coarse it is possible. That guy might still like you, but somehow he knows loving you is wrong. Not in a bad way. He might not think he is good enough for you, so he decided to try to forget about you, by dating some one else.

What does it mean when a guy says he has feeling to a girl still?

That he still cares & possibly likes the girl still

Who is Sylvana Easton dating?

Last I heard she was dating this guy from Cape Town, think his name is Riyaan. --- She is dating a guy called Luke; they have been for a really long time.

Is ashlee Tisdale dating?

Yes. Ashley Tisdale has been dating. She is believed to be dating Jared Murillo. A guy who is a dancer in the filming of high school musical. But I'm not sure if they are still dating, I think they are. I found this information on the megazine Tiger Beat in April.

What if a guy got upset when he found out you were dating someone?

It most likely means that he likes you or cares for you and might not think that the guy that you are dating is worthy enough for you.

How do you tell your entire grade you and a guy are not dating. I have this guy who is a very close friend and my grade thinks we are dating and i get asked everyday. What do i do?

Ignore the guy for about 2 weeks and they wont think your dating if you don't talk to each other

What is the feeling you get when the guy you like is dating someone else?

jealousy...just plain old fashioned jealousy...sorry

Should you date a guy who you think your family will laugh at you for dating also he has a very complicated family life which i dont think that i can cope with?

if you really like the guy go for it but if you don't don't push your self to you could always just be friends. that's always better then feeling bad about oyur self

Who is Mily dating?

She is dating the guy from her movie, The Last Song. I think his name is Liam. But not too sure if they broke up or not.

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