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You should tell her, they should be ok with it because they are not in love with their cousin and plus if she is really your best friend it will be cool with her.

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Q: What do you do if you tell your best friend your dating there cousin?
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How do you tell your cousin you like his best friend?

Just say it. It is your cousin, not your lover. It is his best friend, not his pole smoker...

If you like someone that used to like you and likes your best friend now and there cousin likes you and your best friend likes his cousin what do you do?

You have to tell them

How do you tell if your X is dating your best friend?

Ask her. If she is really your best friend she would have told you and if she is your friend she'll tell you when you ask her.

If a guy friend and you want to start dating after your cousin dated him should you tell people and how?

Well, tell only your best friends and make them swear not to tell anyone. Then, if you're still dating for a while, go ahead and tell a couple more people at a time.

How do you tell your boyfriends best friend that you are dating his best friend?

you should try asking your boyfriend to talk to him

Is Chris Evans Channing Tatum's Cousin?

No my best friend is Chris Evans cousin she would tell me if she was related to him too

You like this guy but he is dating your best friend what should you do?

just tell him and get over it you should feel happy for her she is your best friend

You've had a crush on a girl for 3 years and she just gave you your first kiss even though she's dating your cousin and your friend wants to tell your cousin but nobody should know so what do you do?

Well, maybe she gave you a pity kiss or she likes you secretly, so by dating your cousin she's trying to get closer to you? And if your friend tells your cousin, he/she is not a real friend. So what you should do is tell your cousin yourself and explain to him the situation, no matter how long it takes and how many slaps to wake him up. Then you go to the girl and ask her about it. Your friend is just a minor character in this dilemma.

You like a girl and didn't tell anyone now your best friend is dating her what do you do?

You tell your friend about your feelings. don't tell them to brake up though!

How do you tell a girl you like her if she's dating your best friend?

you just do it. mmk.

What do you do when your best friend is dating the guy you like?

Tell her...if she was really ur best friend she would understand and try to fix something out <3

Did Selena tell her cousin to make fun of demi?

of course not she is so sweet and why would she do that to her best friend.