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tbh i peirced my lip with a safety pin 3 times and my ear, i tried to do my belly but found it too painful. if you peirced your own belly with a safety pin i would suggest to take it out because it could get infected, and also because a belly bar is about 2mm where as a safety pin is around 0.5mm then its going to be difficult and painfulk getting it through


i peirced my belly button with a safety pin, it does hurt a little but if you have high pain tolerence you can pull the pin to the left and make the hole bigger, i suggest doing it quickly till its big enough then take it out a dissinfect it, then put in an actual stud. i was stupid enough to research it AFTER i did it, lol yeah, it might be dangerous to do it at all.

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Q: What do you do if you pierced you belly button with a safety pin?
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You pierced your belly button with a safety pin how do you get the belly button ring in?

If that's possible at all it will be extremely difficult since the needle used to pierce belly buttons is a larger Gage than safety pins. I recommend going to a tattoo/ body piercing shop, paying the $25 and having it done correctly.

Can you pierce your belly button with a push pin?

No. Go to an expert to get it done.

Should you take your safety pin out for your belly button ring?

Did you actually pierce your belly button with a safety pin? Take it out, clean it really well, and get it redone by a pro. A safety pin is WAY too tiny and the transition to a barbell will be unnecessarily painful. I doubt that everything was sterilized properly either so theres the risk of rejection and infection. If it rejects, you could have permanent scarring that may prevent repiercing in the future. I think that its pretty easy to understand why you don't want an infection. Take out the pin, clean it with either antibacterial soap or saline solution and just let it close.

What is a pin back button?

This is not a button used for fastening a garment. It is made of metal. It attached to your clothing by means of a pin on the back, rather like a safety pin. A pin back button usually has a witty saying, political slogan, or picture on its face. (Other buttons may have a tie-tack clasp: a straight piece of metal that goes through your clothing and has a separate metal piece you put on the back to hold it in place, kind of like a pierced earring.)

Name something that holds clothes together?

A safety pin or a button

What to use to clean a safety pin for piercing your belly button?

That is DISGUSTING! Spend the $60 or whatever it may be to get it done professionally. Piercing yourself with household items is STUPID and can KILL YOU. Don't be an idiot!

What are the uses of safety pin?

Safety pin is used for whatever you want it to do. Safety pin can be used in an emergency for a missing button, a failed snap or to hold a corsage onto a dress.

In Edinburgh where can a person under 16 get their ears pierced double?

if you don't find a place you can do it yourself. i have both ears pierced double, and snakebites and i did that all myself. what i did was, obviously numb it up with some ice, put neosporin on your ear, get an apple or anything really, once i used a folded wristband, and stick it behind your ear. get a safety pin and stick it through. then put more neosporin all around the hole and the safety pin. then close the safety pin. and keep putting neosporin on it every few hours. and leave the safety pin in for a couple days. then put earrings in. its easy.

What is the purpose of a safety pin?

Safety pins are used in sewing, fashion, and crafting. Typically, they are used to pin clothes that have lost a button or refuse to hold a pleat. They are also used to decorate punk clothing.

How does the safety work?

The safety pin has a pin that goes into the head of the pin, and you push the point in or out of the head of the pin.

What was the name given to a large safety pin?

a safety pin

Is it safe to pierce your monroe by yourself?

yup, just do it from the inside to the out, i did and it didnt get infected, same with my lip, nose, and belly button, and 8 earring, jus go get lip cleaning disinfectant spray stuff, and use a clean needle, i used a safety pin, but same thing !