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That is not nice. They are either friends or no friends. It is not fair on you if they are only being friends to get their way with you. Whatever way this is . I would dump them and find someone who really likes you.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-30 16:10:37
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Q: What do you do if you like someone and they like you too but they just want to be friends with benefits?
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Does a guy usually like you if he wants to be friends with benefits?

No. He just want's sex and that's it Friends with Benefits just mean's he's looking for a good time

How do you become friends with benefits?

Friends with benefits are friends that have sex without the issue of a relationship being in the way. Its practically like having planned one night stands with someone. To become one? Just get in the person's pants. Nothing that complicated just have sex with the other person but don't get attached.

How do you ask someone to be friends with benefits?

well, things like that tend to just happen... they don't start like a regular relationship... and asking something like that might just get the sh*t knocked out of you!

What to do if you're gay and you like your gay friend but he likes someone else?

Accept the fact and get over it. You can still be friends, just no benefits. Happens all the time.

How do i get the boy i like to notice me as more than just a friend with benefits?

It's best for a person to tell someone they are interested in being more than friends and be honest about it.

How do you know if you like someone or if you just think of him as your brother And if you do like him how do you know if they like you back?

Just ask your friends if they see you and him as dating, or as close friends.

How do you be just friends with someone you like?

You can't, until you stop liking them.

U like someone she just want to be friends?

then she is not interested move on!

What do you do when You like someone but don't want to go out with him?

Just stay friends.

If I like a guy and all my friends think he likes me but he is going out with someone else what should you do?

just tell your Friends just forget about it

What doest it means when you breakup with a girl but you're still friend and you booth act like you still going out but your just friends and she say she just likes you as a friend?

REALLY close friends? like, SUPER close? how about friends with benefits?

How can I get used to talking to someone that you like?

Just treat them like they are one of your friends. If you think that they like you, ask them out!

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