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Always try to make your self as comfortable as possible. You should make arrangements ahead of time with your partner, a friend, family member or neighbor, to have someone to call for help and support. Call for help getting to the hospital or call for an ambulance if the situation is critical. Have someone notify your doctor.

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Q: What do you do if you go into labor?
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Do you have to be bleading to go into labor?

No. You can go into labor without your water breaking and without bleeding. You can go into labor and it can stop spontaneously. However, if you bleed and you are not in labor, you should contact your physician.

Can you go into labor for 12 hours?

Yes you can go into labor for 12 hrs

What is the longest you can be dilated before you go into labor?

you can be dilated for months before you actually go into labor.

How do you go in to labor?

if you use a foot massages the next day you are most likely to go in to labor.

Can you scare a dog and make her go into labor?

You can scare a dog and drive it into early labor.

What do you do when you go into labor?

Isn't it obvious!go to hospital !

Does a hot bath induce labor?

Yes it can make u go into labor

How do you go into labor?

You dont! the baby comes and ur water breaks and theres no way you can make yourself go into labor.

Where would be a cheap place to go for Labor Day weekend?

A cheap place to go for labor day depends on the country you are situated.

In what SVU episode does Stabler's wife go into labor?

She goes into labor in the episode Paternity.

Do you have to drink the cod liver oil warm in order to go into labor because im already 2cm?

Cod liver oil will not make you go into labor or have any effect on the labor you are already in.

Why is it impossible for a man to go into labor?

Going into labor is what the woman's body does to prepare to deliver the baby. Men can't get pregnant, therefore can't deliver a baby, hence have no need to go into labor.