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There isn't much you can do. Likely die.

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Q: What do you do if you are caught in a nuclear explosion?
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What are the method of controlling nuclear explosion?

nuclear explosion?

What happened some years ago in Russia from nuclear explosion?

When and what explosion? One of the nuclear test shots. If so which?Remember Chernobyl was not a nuclear explosion, it was a steam explosion and graphite fire.

Where did the Japanese nuclear explosion occur?

The only nuclear explosions in Japan were the two in WW2, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.However I believe you meant the Japanese nuclear reactorexplosion, which was not a nuclear explosion it was either a steam explosion and/or a hydrogen/oxygen chemical explosion. That occurred at Fukushima.

Is it possible for a nuclear plant to experience a nuclear explosion?


What do you call the explosion called from an atomic bomb?

a nuclear explosion

Has there ever been a nuclear explosion?

Yes, Hiroshima, Nagasaki were both bombed with Nuclear weaponsChernobyl was a nuclear powerplant that suffered a meltdown, and a nuclear explosionAnd there were countless Nuclear testsThere was NO nuclear explosion at Chernobyl! The explosion was a steam explosion that blew the roof off the building and maybe 1/4 of the reactor contents up in the air, all immediate debris landed within a short distance of the plant. Then the graphite moderator of the reactor core caught fire carrying radioactive smoke that dropped fallout on millions of surrounding square miles. If it had had a containment building as all US nuclear power plants are required, to the steam explosion and fire would have been completely contained with no offsite contamination!The number of nuclear tests is quite countable, see: Swords of Armageddon by Chuck Hansen.

Nuclear explosion in Germany in 1990-1992?

No such explosion ever happened.

What 2 types of energy does nuclear bombs use?

Chemical energy- to begin the explosion- and nuclear energy- the main explosion.

Was their ever a nuclear explosion in Belarus?


What is meant by nuclear cold test?

testing without nuclear explosion

When was the first controlled nuclear explosion in the US?

Nuclear explosions are not controlled. Nuclear reactors are controlled.The first controlled nuclear reaction in the US was on December 2, 1942.The first nuclear explosion in the US was on July 16, 1945.

What games have nuke explosion in them?

There are many games that involve nuclear explosion. The most highly rated game to feature a nuclear explosion as its main theme, was the popular game Half Life.