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get a new girl friend.... and a new pickle.

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Q: What do you do if you accidentally really pissed off your girl friend?
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I am pissed about what my husband did to all his ex girlfriends before he was married he was a prick well should I just forget it or am I right to be pissed should I say something?

forget it because he hasn't done it to you so u really have no reason to be pissed because you are his wife not his girl friend there is a whole a lot of differences ya digg

What if you are in love with a girl but it's another girl that like you and you like them too?

Don't love more than one girl. We get really pissed off.

What does it mean when a guy sees a girl making out with his friend and he gets pissed and stops talking to the girl and his eyes gets watery when the girl is trying to talk to him?

it means he has been betrayed and is sad

Why did this girl reply mmhmmm?

she is pissed

What if a girl tells you who they like and you accidentally tell the guy because he is your friend?

Just tell your friend if you tell her You told him Say it will effect your relationship with her

You are so pissed off a guy friend of yours was talking to your best girl friend and she was defending you but he said stuff like how you look like you have bruises from eyeliner what do I do?

dont talk to him anymore....

Does Cameron boyce really have a girl friend?


You like someone but your friend really likes him to what do you do?

Ask the girl that she likes you or your friend

What do you do if your friend just asked out this girl that you really like?

You Tell Your Friend That You Liked The Girl First And Then You Steal Her Away!!!

What does eyes of flame in the poem Jabberwocky mean?

It means that he was really pissed of and his eyes turn red and if your a girl im girl and im really horny so email me im 15 by the way ;)

What if your best friend is a girl but you are a boy?

then good for you. that's not all too uncommon. thats really good! i am a girl and my best friend is a boy! your lucky to have a girl as a best friend...

Would a girl get pissed if a guy lost his mind and told nothing but the straight truth even if the truth is very hurtful?

If she used her right mind and took it in, there is really no reason to be pissed because lots of men tell lies.

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