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If that's what he is trying to do you can see all he wants you for. I would leave him and find someone that respects me.. because doing that is not respecting you.Diffrent person: Ask him to stop it, or that your not ready. If he still doesnt stop, do what the person above me said.
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12y ago
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2mo ago

If you're unsure and uncomfortable, it's okay to gently step back and communicate your feelings. You might say something like, "I'm not ready for that right now." It's important to prioritize your own boundaries and comfort level in any situation.

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13y ago

Simply firmly tell him "no" and step back. If he continues this is using force on his part and you need to tell him that. A man/boy who will not listen to a woman may use rape as his means to get what he wants. Get away from him.

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15y ago

u just lean back and i promice everything will go good and if you mess up the guy or girl wont care they will laugh and so will u

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Tell him your just not ready yet, and you'd love to get to know them more... But if you want a boyfriend just kiss him

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Q: What do you do if this guy leaned in to kiss you and you didn't know what to do?
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