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If you phoned, texed or emailed and the person doesn't reply then it's possible they are simply busy. Try calling again. Give it three chances and if the person still doesn't reply then don't bother calling anymore.

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Q: What do you do if someone doesn't reply to you?
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someone who doesnt react, reply or talk as much as most people, maybe someone lazy and doesnt do much, if you try talking to someone who doesnt talk much, it is like trying to talk to a wall

Is it over when he doesnt reply to your e mails?

Yes, it is over.

What does it mean when you boyfriend asks you why you want to be with him but doesnt like your answer?

it means he had already asked this question to someone else n had got a better reply... so may be it means he is cheating on you... ;)

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There is no problem with reply to an old tweet by someone famous.

What does it mean when a girl doesn't reply to texts that hint that I'm interested in her when she will reply to any other text normally?

well if you are cute then she is probaly too shy cause she doesnt want you to know she likes you or she doesnt like you

If you send a guy a message and he doesnt reply what does that mean?

1) He didn't get it, 2) He got it but doesn't know how to reply, or 3) He's rude and/or shy.

What do you reply when someone says 'how do you do'?

"I am well, and you?"

What does it mean when you email a girl that you intersted in her and she doesnt reply?

if she hasn't replied its because she doesnt know wot 2 say or she is 2 shy

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Thanks for the greetings

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When some says "wassup" you would reply as if someone asked you " what's up."