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The starter's pistol.

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Q: What do you call the gun shot to start a race?
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Why are ears useful for athletes?

To hear the gun shot at the start of the race

What do you call the shot to start a race?

a referee of some sort, or gun, flag waving or the like.

How does a 100 meters race start?

Ofcourse with a whistle or gun shot , but it is not a race it is 100 mts dash. You have to dash ahead right from the start sprinting all the way.

What does someone mean when they say you call shot gun?

To call shot gun means they call first at something. Ex: if kids call shot gun at an event that involves riding in a car then they are claiming the front seat.

What is one rule of track?

Don't start before the gun is shot. Don't cut anybody off if your in a long distance race.

How running track is played?

How track works is they call out the next events and the runners start on the starting line. A starter gun is shot and the runners run a specific number of laps. The runner who beats the rest wins the race.

jump the gun meaning in a race?

It means that you start the race before they tell you to start it! Basicly you cheat it.

Did the American revoiution start with a gun shot?


What is reaction time in sport?

If you are in a race and your reaction time is slow, when you hear the starting gun-shot, you won't start on time therefore not winning.

What day does shot gun season start?

Depends on the state

What should you do after treating a gun shot wound?

Call the police and get to a hospital

Where is the best gun in call of duty finest hour?

the best gun is the m1 garand 1 shot kill