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Q: What do you call people who argue?
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Why do people argue with the referee?

Poeple that argue with umpires doesnt make sence. Once a call has been made it cant be changed, so why argue? competitors do this to try intimidade the umpire. It makes them feel better about themselves.

Why does your boyfriend argue with you then with the people who cause us problems?

There are two interpretations of your question: 1. Why does my boyfriend argue with me first and then argue with the people who cause us problems? 2. Why does my boyfriend argue with me rather than with the people who cause us problems? Which is it?

What do you call one who can argue on both sides of the issue?


What is the noun form of argue?

Argument. People who "argue" can be said to be having an "argument".

Do you find it funny when people call you doctor just because you work in a hospital Others call you officer because you live in Garrison or does it mean that anyone on the field is a player?

People call me a nurse all the time, but I'm a phlebotomist. I don't argue anymore. No one can pronounce it anyway.

Why should a player be able to argue with referee about bad call?

they shouldn't

Why do people argue at work?


Why gang fights happen?

When people argue/conflict

What is the denotation of proponents?

People who argue in favour of something.

Why people argue?

Some people just like winning an argument. Some people simply enjoy debating.

What did the Mormons argue about with the US government?

We did not argue, but tried to make peace, there were many people who wanted to drive us out of where we lived.

Was the first man on the moon real?

yes :P you can't tell, you don't know how it is out there, if you say no, people will argue with you. If you say yes, people will argue with you. It's best not worrying.