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Mi vida crazy life.

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Q: What do three dot tattoo mean?
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What does a party dot tattoo mean?

That you drunkenly and foolishly tattooed a dot on yourself to be one of the "cool" kids with a party dot tattoo. It means nothing, and looks like a freckle or a mole.

Does a tattoo on the ear of a ferret mean it is fixed?

Yes, a dot of a tattoo on the ear of a ferret means that it is fixed

What does it mean when a person has tattoo of a dot on the bottom of their thumb?

Means that person has Diabetes.

What does a greenish dot tattoo mean?

It means that someone was too chicken to go through with getting a tattoo, and the green means that it is older than dirt. Is it on the wrist bone or on the hand? It may be a Southie or a Dorchester Dot Tattoo.

What does a plus tattoo between your thumb and index finger mean?

It is called a pachucho cross, its a latin gang tattoo, not specific to any particular gang, some times it has three dots over it, it is similar to three dots in a triangle wich is another genrally hispanic gang tattoo, each dot represents a word "mi vida loca" or my crazy life

What does one dot tattooed on the back of the hand mean?

It means that you are terrible about coming up with a good idea for a tattoo.

What is the meaning of a 4 dot tattoo?

a lot of us know that the three dots tattoo means "mi vida loca" or my crazy life. in the southwest 4 dots is "my crazy white life" popular in maricopa couty jail...lbj, durango and 4th ave It can also mean ACAB

What does three nautical stars mean?

Three nautical stars on a tattoo often mean that someone has lost a friend or family member at sea. This tattoo is seen on members of the Navy as well as on civilians.

What does an Ironman tattoo look like?

The IronMan Triathlon Tattoo looks like a red M with a dot hovering over it. That's why it's call an M-Dot.

How many dot tattoo on a monk?

6 9 12

What is the meaning of one small dot tattoo on elbow?


What does the three of swords tattoo mean?

Well, its a tattoo first off. also, Three of Swords is a tarot card. Tarot is a type of card deck used to tell the future.