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Im not sure which one is which but the white and yellow is sound and picture for when you hook up a DVD or camera (etc) to it and the red is just backup sound.

Some TVs don't have the red plug to fit the cord into it so the white and yellow work fine without it.

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Q: What do the red white and yellow cords do on a tv?
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How to you connect a Wii to a Magnavox TV?

By hooking the Wii's Red,Yellow,and White cords to the plug ins that are Red,Yellow,and White by matching them in the Magnavox TV i believe and if the Magnavox TV doesn't have the Red,Yellow,and White plug ins find or get to an other TV or buy another one if you don't have more than one.

Why are Wii cords different colors?

The Wii Cords are Different Colors because it tells you which is which Yellow= Video White & Red = Audio you must plug these into the matching colors on your TV. Orange Spy

How do you plug a N64 into a Panasonic TV?

The N64 has AV cords that will hook up to any television set, now if your TV does not have basic Red, Yellow, White outlets than it is best that you place the cords into corresponding HD outlets for visual and audio. .j.

What kind of tv can be use for gaming x box?

any kind of tv with av jacks. For those who dont know what av jacks are they are the red, yellow, and white cords that you stick in the back of your tv

What do you do if your playstation 2 goes silent but the game still works.?

This may be happening because some of your cords are not fully plugged in. Check the cords that connect that ps2 to the television and make sure that they are plugged in well. It's the cord that has three wires.. the tips of the wires are yellow, white and red. The red is the cord that controls the volume. So I am guessing that your white and yellow cord are plugged in while the red is not fully plugged in.

Can you play Xbox 360 in a car?

if you have a portable DVD with with the tv, audio and image (aka the yellow red and white cords) and an outlet inside your car. i recommend bringing a charger for the DVD player

Do you need a HD tv for a PS3?

No, you do not. The PlayStation 3 comes with an A/V cable (the cable that has the red, yellow, and white cords) which hooks up perfect to a TV with those slots, HDTV or not. You can buy, however, cords that are HDTV compatible only, with an HD picture (as A/V cables do not support HD).

What does the yellow plug in do on a TV?

Video, red and white are stereo

How do you hook up red yellow white cables into a tv with no red slot?

Just plug yellow to yellow, and white to white. Yellow is video, red and white are stereo audio, but if you have no stereo input, you just use the white (i.e. mono). For some cables you use red instead of white, but this is rare. In some games, you can go into the settings and choose mono instead of stereo.

How do you hook up an af cord to your Nintendo entertainment system?

plug in the yellow and red cords to the side of it then connect the other end to the tv.

How do you plug in a red RCA plug when you only have the white and yellow ones on your TV?

You dont need to. The red one is an extra audio plug. Just plug in the yellow and white, and if it doesn;t work, try using red and white, or red and yellow. Most of the time it will work with just white and yellow, and if not you just have to mix them up and try all different combinations until it works.

What type of tv do you need for an xbox360?

Any TV that has input cables that are yellow red and white