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its different for each mood ring so sometimes they come with a card or sheet with the colors meanings.

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Each color represents a different mood. Like red means you are in love. Most mood rings come with a paper that tells you the color and what it means.

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Q: What do the different mood ring colors mean?
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What dose the colors on a mood ring mean?

your emotion

What does the colors mean on mood?

On a mood necklace or mood ring, turquoise or blue green generally means that you are somewhat relaxed.

What do colors mean on a mood ring?

on a mood ring, the colours symbolize what mood you are currently feeling. For example, if you have the mood ring on and the colour is blue, it means that you are feeling sad. Or if the mood ring is black, it means you are mad.

What is a mood ring?

A mood ring is a ring that shows your mood. It will show you colors like red, blue, orange,and green.By the touch of your skin it can tell you how you feel. That's why its called a Mood Ring.

Are the colors All the same?

No not all mood ring colors are the same. The colors vary depending upon your mood. For example if the ring turns black it means you are afraid of something.

Do different colors mean the same things on all mood rings?

No, for example...on one mood ring yellow means happy and blue means clam and purple means flirty, but on another ring, blue is happy, brown is flirty and purple is calm. :)

What do mood ring colors mean?

Red = Love Purple = Romance Green = Active Sorry these are the only ones i remember.

What on a mood ring means happy?

well while there are multiple colors that mean happy, the most common one is green. :)

What colors mean on a mood ring?

Red can mean passion or anger.Yellow can occur with mental process.Green can mean growth. Typically the average color.Blue can be relaxed.White can be feelings of confusion, or frustration.Black is usually associated with negativity.Pink can be fear.Purple can be sensuality.Orange can be wanting something.These are pretty much the general description but it probably depends on your mood ring, and there can be other colors too.

What do the colors on a mood ring represent?

On my ex-wife's mood ring it was blue when she was happy. When she wasn't it left a big red welt on my forehead

Is the color brown on a mood ring mean sad?

Yes the color brown on a mood ring does mean sad.

What makes mood rings change colors?

What makes the color of a mood rings is the temperature of your body. If you do not believe me, try this for your self. Go to a sink, and put the ring in a lot of cold water, no matter what kind of ring, if its a mood ring, and not broken then it will change colors to brown.