What do spermicidal condoms do?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Spermicidal condoms kill sperm.

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Q: What do spermicidal condoms do?
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Are latex condoms best to prevent pregnancy?

Well latex condoms are good to prevent pregnancy for the most part but as opposed to latex or polyurethane condoms or animal skin condoms are all good but I recommend spermicidal lubricated condoms.

Is spermicidal foam a non-prescription contraception?

In the US, spermicidal foam is available without a prescription. It is not a very effective contraceptive on its own, but is effective when used with condoms or other forms of contraception.

Are condoms spermicidal foam and diaphragms all non prescription methods of contraception?

Condoms and foam are non-prescription methods. Dipahragms are by prescription. All of these methods are barrier methods.

Is it safe to put spermicide on a condom?

sure in fact, some condoms have spermicidal lube if i were you id cut out the middleman and just buy those

Birth control method?

There are several birth control methods out there. However, the only 100% effective method is abstainance, as condoms can have holes in them, he might not pull out in time, and pills don't always work.

If lubricant doesn't mean spermicide then why when i asked earlier you said only lubricated condoms have spermicide?

Because a lubricant (makes things slippery) so a condom may be lubricated but not kill sperm (spermicide) BUT all spermicidal condoms are also lubricated.

Can Diet Coke be used as a contraceptive and how do you use it?

A study showed that it could have spermicidal effects... However you shouldn't rely in this if you don't want to get pregnant. Go on the pill, use condoms...

Are condoms good enough as the only protection?

Apart from abstention they are the best protection against STDs. There are other alternatives for contraception such as spermicidal gels, IUDs, oral pills, sterilisation etc.

What are chances of getting pregnant if you're on the pill use condoms and spermicidal foam?

100% if you had sex a black man, then it's a 100% chance the he leaves you with the kid and never sends in child support

Could it be a possible for you to get pregnant while using birth control and he used 2 spermicidal condoms?

yes, you can get pregnant any time there isn't any 100% way not unless you get your tubes tied or have a hysterectomy. also, condoms are more likely to tear if you use more than one at a time...

Do all condoms kill sperm?

A condom's primary function is not to kill, but to block the semen from progressing into the womans vagina; however, there are condoms that are coated in a spermicidal fluid that will kill the semen on contact without harming you or the other party. Such contraceptive measure though, do not guarantee the prevention of STD's. Take care, and stay safe.

If you use a spermicidal condom does some of the spermicide from the condom remain inside the female for a little while or does it just stop killing sperm one the condom is taken out of the female?

Some of the spermicide will remain in the female but not enough to protect against pregnancy once the condom is removed. Spermicidal condoms are being criticized for reducing protection against STDs--the spermicide makes cell membranes less resistant to infections.