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his pack of toys

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Q: What do santa carries with him every Christmas?
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Santa is always full of Christmas?

Yes, Santa is always full of Christmas, he carries the sprit of Christmas with him all year long.

Does newzealand have a Santa Claus?

every were there is a santa clause on christmas

What saying does the newspaper add every Christmas?

The newspaper includes the saying "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" every Christmas.

Why does Santa come around every Christmas eve?

The Santa comes to give the happiness and joy to all of us!

What does a Christmas tree have to do with Christmas?

It is related to Santa and Santa is related to Christmas.

How does Santa really travel from house to house every Christmas night?

Flying reindeer.

Does Santa come every Christmas?

Usually. If he is sick, he sends Mrs. Claus in his place.

Does santa brush his teeth?

Santa brushes his teeth every day, and more often on Christmas because of all the cookies he eats.

Do children in Bolivia believe in Santa?

not so sure if they believe... but go on santa finder .com and he sure does visit there every christmas :)

If Santa is in Zambia how long will it take him to get to northern Ireland?

As every child knows, Santa will go from Zambia to Northern Ireland in a 'flash'. After all, he only has Christmas Eve to visit every child in the whole world - that believes in him. Merry Christmas to all!

What do the bells of Christmas do?

The bells of Christmas symbolize the belling which are said to be attached to the reigns of reindeer. These are the reindeer which are said to guide Santa Claus to every home on Christmas. The bells are heard when the sleigh lands on the rooftop, signaling the arrival of Santa.

What does it mean when you don't get what you want for Christmas from santa?

Santa has ALOT of work to do for Christmas every year. Even with the help he has, Santa just can't get everyone everything they ask for, but he does the best he can! It does not mean you were not good or on his naughty list. I am pretty sure Santa did all he could to get you what you wanted...