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They don't always work

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Q: What do quick weight loss pills do to your body?
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Are there any diet pills available for quick fat loss?

The body requires a specific number of calories to maintain its weight and/or gain more weight. The loss of excess body fat requires deficit calories, that is, eating fewer calories than are consumed in the course of a day's activities. Taking pills does not create deficit calories. There are some "diet pills" that may help to reduce cravings and one's appetite, but there is no pills that in and of itself rids the body of fat.

Is it okay to take weight loss pills?

Only if they are prescribed by your physician. There is no quick fix. Diet pills and starvation diets don't work well to promote lasting weight loss. The only way to lose body fat and keep it off is to teach yourself how to eat and exercise well and do it. Don't do anything you wouldn't do for the rest of your life. Since you are presumably not foolish enough to take weight loss pills for the rest of your life, don't taken them at all..

What are some programs for quick weight loss?

Some effective programs for quick weight loss are Weight Watchers or Curves. You should learn about proper nutrition and eating healthy while keeping active and exercising. Diet pills and fad diets are dangerous and don't work well.

Is it healthy to take weight loss pills?

no its not healthy to take diet pills

Is there such thing as a weightloss pill?

Yes, there are weight loss pills which helps people lose weight. It is however important to note that these weight loss pills usually have side effects.

Where online can I find out about a quick weight loss plan?

For a quick weight loss program, you might want to check out They provide home programs, products, and recipes that will aid you in a quick weight loss journey.

Where could a person buy Hoodia weight loss pills?

You can buy Hoodia weight loss pills from the HoodiaP57 website. Alternatively, you can purchase these pills online from retailers such as Amazon or websites such as eBay.

Can you take weight loss pills when you have epilepsy?

I am afraid not.

What is the name of a weight loss pill?

I know few for weight loss pills name which is. Hoodia Gordonii Ally Pills Green tea also a good option for losing weight.

Is a fast weight loss program recommended?

If you want to lose weight, you should do this gradually in time because a quick fast weight loss program may not be healthy on your body, and sometimes is least effective.

What are some of the best rated weight loss products?

The absolute best aids for weight loss are exercise and a healthy diet. There are many pills and potions available but mostly they are ways for the manufacturers to make quick money from desperate overweight people.

What is in Protocol weight loss pills?

what is in protocol weight pills are very unhealthly habits...from personal experience i wont not recommend them :)

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