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You would have to ask the person wearing it. The short and simple answer is that it is a tale of the person who has it. They denote what you do for a living, your family line, social status, and they incorporate all of the basic elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

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Q: What do polynesian symbols mean?
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What does Polynesians mean?

Polynesian refers to anything relating to Polynesia, the people of Polynesia, or the Polynesian language. There are several Polynesian languages, including Maori, Hawaiian, and Samoan.

What does paka mean in any polynesian language?

same as gringo

What does the polynesian hammerhead shark tattoo mean?

It represents strength, speed and power

What does tupapau mean in polynesian words?

TUpapau means the spirits of the dead are waching

What does Te Tama mean?

Te Tama Moha (Polynesian Child) is a song

Your name is Tonga what does Tonga mean?

If its the polynesian word "Tonga" it means south

Are hawaiians micronesian or polynesian?


Who settled the polynesian islands?

Polynesian seafarers.

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Poly Posse Pirus aka Polynesian Posse Pirus & their rivals the Polynesian Warrior Crips. These are two of the largest Polynesian street gangs in the world.

What do hieroglyphic symbols mean?

They can mean words like our letters are kind of like their symbols. It is just another language but sometimes there hieroglyphic symbols mean sentences.

What is the name of symbols used for mathematical processes?

If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".If you mean the symbols like +, -, etc., those are called "operators".