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Q: What do people who own slaves called?
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What are people who own slaves called in ancient Rome?

Wealthy people

Did Hebrew people own slaves?

yes they did.

The people of Southern Sweden are called?


Do people own slaves?

Yes, slavery is still alive throughout the world.

Do serfs own land?

No they were slaves. Slaves don't own land.

What were groups of people who aided slaves on the run by providing food and shelter?

The chain of people and families that aided slaves on the run were called the Underground Railroad.

What describes slavery in the South before the US Civil War?

A large majority of people did not own slaves. Most slave owners had few slaves.

Can slaves buy their own freedom?

Note that in modern times, not so many black people are slaves, but slavery does exist in several parts of the world.

Do you still have slaves?

No, I don't own slaves. I've never owned slaves.

Could serfs allowed to own land they farmed?

No, they were slaves and slaves don't own land.

What was the name given to most farmers in Alabama who grew their own crops with out the help of slaves?

They called them lenth warmers

What is it called to ask to protect their right to own enslaved people?

what southerens called for to protect there right to own enslave people