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There is no nicotine in Marijuana, nicotine is in cigarettes.

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Q: What do people do when their addicted to the nicotine in marijuana?
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What does it mean to be addicted to nicotine?

nicotine is why people get addicted to cigarettes.

How can people tell that marijuana is addicted?

There is nothing in Marijuana that is addictive. In other products like cigarettes there is nicotine, but in marijuana there is no addictive properties. Also there is no withdrawals when you stop using marijuana.

Did the first tobacco have nicotine?

Yes it did have nicotine that is why people get addicted to it

What if you tried marijuana just once?

you would get addictive to the marijuana you smoked and then you would never quit because it has nicotine in it which gets you addicted

Why do people smoke when it damages there lungs?

They are addicted to the nicotine

Why do people waste they money on a pack of cigarettes?


Why do people who smoke find it hard to give it up?

They are addicted to the nicotine. Nicotine is as addictive as heroine.

What substances have nicotine in them?

All types of cigarettes have nicotine in them and it is the area that makes people addicted to cigarettes.

Why do people get addicted to tobacco?

People get addicted to tobacco because tobacco contains a drug called nicotine that is highly addictive. Nicotine affects every cell in the body. Cells in the brain tell the body that they need this nicotine.

How do people get addicted to tobacoo?

There is a drug called nicotine which is very addictive

How does nicotine gum help people give up smoking?

People are addicted to smoking because they are addicted to the nicotine in the cigarettes. Nicotine gum helps you give up smoking because the gum contains nicotine. When you chew the gum, the nicotine is absorbed through your mouth. This gives you a nicotine fix that will help reduce withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking.

What is in marijuana that makes people so addicted?

There is nothing in marijuana that makes you physically addicted to it. You can only be mentally addicted to it, but that also applies for about anything. Ex. Food, sex, videogames.