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if yo want baby educational toys idk but u can go buy games and toys everywhere and they are educational!!!!

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Q: What do parents want in education toys?
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Where can one buy Montessori toys?

Montessori toys are designed for children whose parents want them to learn whilst they play. The toys can be bought from toy stores such as Toys R Us.

What is the age range of which early learning centre toys are aimed at?

Early learning centre toys are aimed at children aged 3 to 5. At this age the parents or other people who are part of the childs education can use toys to slowly prepare the child for school.

Why do parents choose private schools?

Because they want their children to have a superior education.

What does jack want for Christmas?

toys, toys and more toys!! :)

What will happen if toys did not exist?

If toys did not exist, children and their parents would invent them.

Is education a factor for mexican's coming to the US?

It is one of many factors. Still, parents want the best for their children and a good education is one of them.

What is the average cost of baby toys in the first year?

It depends on many factors but the top 2are:1. do you like wasting money?2. are you focused on education?If you are not concerned about money it's a "no brainer" (what you want you will buy)If you are purchasing toys for education they are more costly so expect an average of ($60-$120)

Do parents approve of young engagements?

Most parents do not like young engagements and want their children to get a good education and settled into a good job first.

When was Parents for Education Foundation created?

Parents for Education Foundation was created in 1975.

Where are elc toys manufactured?

Early Learning Centre toys, or ELC Toys, are manufactured in the city of Quebec, Canada. These education and puzzle based toys are made with safety in mind.

How much do parents usually spend on baby toys?

The amount of money that parents spend on baby toys depends on the parent. Some parents are happy to spend a few dollars on each toy, others may go to the extreme and spend hundreds of dollars on toys.

Why do parents get mad at bad grades?

because they care about ur education and they don't want u to fail in life because they want u to be successful