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Some people like browsing including me during their spare time.






Watching TV.





Going to parties and social gatherings.

Watching sports.

Visiting with their children and grandchildren.

Sitting in the sun.


Playing ping pong.


Ice Skating.



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Older people may enjoy activities such as gardening, reading, socializing with friends and family, going for walks, playing cards or Board Games, pursuing hobbies or crafts, engaging in leisurely activities like watching movies or cooking, and staying physically active through activities like swimming, yoga, or tai chi. Ultimately, interests and hobbies may vary among older individuals based on their preferences and lifestyle.

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Q: What do older people like to do in their spare time?
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Why do older people like it warmer?

As people age, their bodies may have a harder time regulating temperature, making them more sensitive to cold. Additionally, older individuals tend to have decreased muscle mass, which can make them feel colder. Keeping the environment warmer can help maintain their comfort and prevent health issues related to cold exposure.

How does a persons age affect their perception of time?

As individuals age, their perception of time tends to change. Younger people may feel like time passes slowly as they are experiencing many new and exciting milestones. On the other hand, older individuals may feel like time speeds up as they have more experiences and less novel events to mark the passage of time. Additionally, cognitive processes and memory may also play a role in how individuals perceive time as they age.

Why are older people better than younger people at estimating?

Older people may have more life experience and exposure to different situations, allowing them to draw on a wider range of past experiences when making estimates. Additionally, older individuals may have developed better judgment and decision-making skills over time, leading to more accurate estimations. Finally, cognitive processes related to estimation ability may improve with age, such as reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Why do older people get arthitis?

Arthritis in older people is usually due to wear and tear on the joints over time. As people age, the cartilage that cushions the joints starts to break down, leading to pain, inflammation, and decreased flexibility. Genetics, previous injuries, and lifestyle factors can also contribute to the development of arthritis in older individuals.

What does the older you are the wiser you become means?

This phrase suggests that with more life experiences and age, people tend to accumulate wisdom. It implies that older individuals have had more opportunities to learn and grow, which can lead to increased insight and understanding over time.

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