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guys that they are attracted too, or dating at the moment.

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2012-06-10 04:45:43
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Q: What do most girls think about when they finger themselves?
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Do most boys love girls that are smart and have confident in themselves?

Most boys love smart girls

Do all girls finger themself?

Most do, and each woman likes it differently.

Why are there some girls who are insecure?

most of them do not trust themselves and do not have confidence.

What do girls think about the most?

we think about life and school

What does Justin bieber like most in Selena Gomez?

i think that he likes that she dosent go over the top to impress him he likes girls that are just themselves

Why girls like to talk bad things of other girls?

Because most girls who do this are insecure with themselves... And they 'talk bad things' - as u put it - about other girls to make themselves feel better about themselves, but really they're no better than anyone else!!

What do girls think about most of the time?

Probably it is what boys think about most of the time.

What do girls like the most about there selfand why that?

Different girls like different things about themselves. Some girls like their body, the way the look. Some girls like their smile, eyes etc. Some girls like who they are about themselves and like their personality.

What do girls think about breast size?

Most girls secretly try to get them bigger.

Why did girls care about their selves?

I think that most girls care about themselves because there will almost always be one girl who had the best cloths or that one boy you like so you want to impress them so you try to be better than you are!

Want age do girls play with themselves?

It depends. Some girls start when they hit puberty. Most girls though don't "play" with themselves at all. Some kids, boys OR girls discover the art of... "playing" before they even know what it is. For some it could be when they're just babies. A friend of mine said her little sister did when she was like six or something. For me... I think I was a toddler.

What do you think is most adorable about girls?

Well, I don't know what most people think is MOST adorable about girls but I can tell what's most adorable about ME! And that is my beautiful eyes, and most cute little dipple!

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