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  • Not all men want to have two women in their lives. Some men just can't seem to commit to one woman and they are like kids in a candy shop. These type of men have few morals and are selfish not thinking of hurting the one that loves them. Some men just love women and want to have short relationships with them and move onto another woman. If they are honest about it to the woman they are about to have a relationship with and she agrees then she should be prepared that he will not remain true to her. Both men and women can have fantasies about the opposite sex which is common, but it's think, look, but don't touch. Long relationships can often get boring if the two people don't work at their relationship and keep it as interesting as possible and that's when one or the other can stray. Some men want to regain their youth back and feel if a younger women is interesting in them they feel attractive once again and try to recapture the magic of when they were once single. It's a rush to meet someone new and try to get them to date you and then have sexual relations with them. It's called, 'the chase.'


The only thing they can get out of it are, broken marriage, having no trust, and possibly transmitted disease.

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Q: What do men get out of having more than one women?
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