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then he's just wants to be ur friend :D

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It means he values your friendship and wants to build a connection with you based on trust, support, and shared experiences. He sees potential for a positive and enjoyable relationship with you.

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Q: What do it mean when a boy say he would like to be your friend?
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What does 13 f mean?

boy friend boy friend boy friend

Would a boy think you like him if you say he would be a good boy friend?

If you said that to the guy he would probably suspect.

What does it mean if your friend asks the boy you like if they like you and they say no with a big smile?

I would tell yourself that he is loseing out There are plenty of other fish in the sea sweatheart.

What does it mean if you asked a boy out and one of his friends asks you if you like him?

his friend wants to know if you like him

How do you use different in a long sentence?

The boy was not the same as us he was different we did not like that about him, he was too mean, too angry we decided we would not be his friend.

If you went out with a boy your friend liked would it be ok?

No. I'm sure your friend would get very upset. If you go out with this boy you would be taking him away and she would get jealous and feel like you betrayed her.

What does it mean that a boy says he can be your friend but he's already had a girlfriend?

Well that he would like to be your friend that he him self trusts you don't worry because maybe he will use you to help him or something of that sort

What do you do if your best friend likes the same guy you like?

If you really were a good friend you would just let it go and let her have the boy If you really were a good friend you would just let it go and let her have the boy If you really were a good friend you would just let it go and let her have the boy ANSWER: I don't think so... what about your friend..... why can't she get over it and let me have the boy???????

What do you do when you like a boy and you know that boy likes your best friend and your best friend wont tell you if she like that boy or not?

well find a way to not hurt your best friend but get the boy to like you or tell your friend you like him and see if she cares

What is the easiest way to please someone?

ask them what they would like in a girl or boy friend and be that girl/ boy

What does boyfriend and gf mean?

They mean Boy Friend and Girl Friend

What does home boy mean?

home boy means like best friend or buddy or just someone that you play with or are always with them