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Attraction of hole to the pole....

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2012-06-22 10:17:25
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Q: What do guys and girls like best about each other?
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Why do guys like it when girls make out with each other?

Because some guys see girls as sexual toys and seeing girls make out with each other and doing things that guys like done to them, excites them more.

What is the first sign that teen guys show to teen girls when they are interested in teen girls?

Teasing each other. Or constant looking at each other.

Have the guys from One Direction dated?

dated each other NO dated other girls yes

What is the best part of a girls body to a boy?

Well sweet guys your mouth and other guys your 'lady parts'

What are the Pros and cons of coed sports?

The cons are that the girls normally aren't as good,younger girls and guys normally do not get along well, and guys think girls have cooties, the pros are that girls and guys can meet each other and get to know each other and then fall in love and then date and then marry, coed sports are Good and bad ina matter of speaking...If you are satisfied with this please recomend me, if you are not tell what is wrong on question discussion, I will do my best to improve the answer for youre satisfaction.

Why do girls and guys touch weird places?

I think because they like each other or they are sexic

Can two girls eat each other out?

yess ;) theyy actually do it better thenn guys !

Your wife stares at other guys what do you do?

deal with it, guys stare at other girls more than girls stare at guys

Can girls love each other?

Yes in different ways. you can love your family, And some other girls love girls that are not in there family. yes they can, it doesnt matter who it is yes girls can love other girls. it is the same with guys too.

Do guys like it when girls flirt?

Yes, guys like girls who have a slice of "naughtiness". In fact, most guys like it when girls go further than flirting and try to turn them on. This includes saying things of a sexual nature. Methods of turning guys on verbally include sexting (texting sexually explicit messages) as well as asking each other questions about what they would do with each other.

What are the characters like in the secret language of girls?

it is so complex to guys, but simple to girls; that girls don't need any characters to communicate with each other

Why do girls make up guys?

Girls make up guys so they can fit in with the 'popular' girls or to make other guys jellous.

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