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they celebrate deepavali mostly.

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Q: What do Indian people celebrate and how do they celebrate?
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Which Indian people celebrate their birthday on 9th April?

Atul kumar dwivedi

How Indian people celebrate it their birthday?

just like everyone else in the world does !

What were Indian war parties?

parties held by the Indians to celebrate the death of their people

How Indian people celebrate their birthday?

just like everyone else in the world does !

What are the traditions of the The Indian Festival Of Lights and how do people in India celebrate this holiday?


What do chickasaw Indian celebrate?

they celebrate christmas by fireworks

Do Indian religious people celebrate Christmas?

Those that are Christian celebrate Christmas and those of other religions do not celebrate it.

How many days do the netherlands celebrate Christmas?

indian and people hate christmas but only sometimes

Do Indian tribes celebrate anything?

Indian tribes celebrate many spiritually related events with festivals and rituals. They celebrate with ceremonies for the seasons, healing and harvests.

Indian culture better than western culture?

As far as i think indian culture is batter than western culture because in india people celebrate many festival like diwali, holi, rakshabandan but in western country they don't celebrate these festival. They don't enough knowledge that why we celebrate these festival.but in our indian people celebrate every festival with joy & western culture we can see more cases of divorce and in western culture people don't respect their parents & love family.they drink of our it western culture? In our indian culture people very well know to respect their parents & elders.

Why Buddhist people don't celebrate Diwali?

Well Buddha was born in indian family so growing up he used to celebrate Diwali.

Do Maya Indian celebrate thanksgiving?