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Grow a pair

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Q: What do I do when a girl twerks on me?
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Why is julio famous?

because he twerks well

How many twerks does it take to break your legs?

Approximately..... 100

aiden suss?

a susspisious boy who twerks in the woods with shaggy

Is Miley Cyrus Adolph Hitler?

Yes, she is indeed. But 10,00 twerks worse :P

What does twerks?

Twerk also known as Twerking, is a sexually provocative dance move. It involves hip thrusting moves in a low, squatting stance.

What rhymes with perk?

jerk =3 Lurk, Smirk, Quirk, Burke (a last name), and (Captain) Kirk :-)

Is Miley Cyrus related to the king Cyrus the great?

yes they have the same last name. On the other hand theyre nothing alike. Cyrus rules an empire and miley just twerks a lot.

What do you do when you get a twerk?

If you mean when someone twerks for you or in front of you then the answer is to go with the flow cause that is what my lover Evan did when we went dancing and I twerked in front of him. It's the only safe answer! What I mean by going with the flow is dancing like: a) Doing the worm in the air (the worm is a dance move). b) Acting sexy but not abusive. c) Just being cool.

Is alphys a boy or girl undertale?

girl of course

A cool girl?

A girl who is girl is a girl being herself..

What is the possisive noun for girl?

The possessive noun for girl is girl's. For example: The had their slumberparty in the girl's room. He returned the girl's purse.

Does girl's stands for girl is?

It depends on the context of the sentence. For example... The girl is here = The girl's here OR The girl hasgone = The girl's gone.