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Like kids in any other country.

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Q: What do German kids wear on Christmas?
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What do German kids do on Christmas Eve and Christmas day?

They do the same things Americans do!!!

Do German kids wear school uniform?

manly no

What do kids in holland wear on Christmas Eve?

Like kids in any other country.

What kind of clothes do German's wear for Christmas?

they wear regular clothes with a little fancy accesorries

How do Italy kids dress for Christmas?

Same thing as british kids: whatever they ask for!

How do you say Christmas in German?

Christmas in German is called Weihnacht

What is the German word for Christmas?

The German word for Christmas is Weihnachten.

What are the special clothes to wear on Christmas?

Christmas isn't a time for people to dress up. But, some kids wear santa hats, elf hats, reindeer antlers. And, some take it to the extreme by dressing up as a full santa.

The carol O Christmas tree is a translation from the German What is German for the type of tree used as a Christmas tree?

the carol o christmas tree is a translation from the german. what is german for the type of tree used as a christmas tree

Phonetic spelling of Merry Christmas in German?

how to say merry christmas in german phonetically

What are some Christmas songs suitable for kids?

Merry Christmas is the best song for Christmas. This song is suitable for adults and kids. Jingle Bell also a great Christmas song for kids and children..

What do German people in Christmas?

They celebrate Christmas with their family