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All boys, no matter what age... Want girls for different reasons. Usually, it depends on their age group, but boys that age have a much larger amount of hormones... Making them want sex... BAD. The more they are exposed to that kind of thing, such as porn and stuff like that they are going to have a OVERWHELMING desire for it... And if there isn't something serious holding them back, they usually just go crazy and go all out for it... Especially in their teen years.

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Many 17-year-old boys may want attention, validation, and companionship from girls, as well as someone who shares similar interests and values. It's important to remember that individual desires can vary greatly, so communication and understanding each other's needs and boundaries is key in any relationship.

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Flirty fun, kindness and a bit of ambition

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Q: What do 17 year old boys want most from girls?
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