What dirt bike should a 105 pound kid get?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a 105 pound kid should get a 800cc Honda supercharge

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Q: What dirt bike should a 105 pound kid get?
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My friends 5'2 and 105 pds he wants a dirt bike what kind of dirt bike should he get?

It depends, I mean if he was going to race he should get a 65cc racing bike but if it was just for playing around going though trails he should get a 90cc

Rm85 and thinking about moving up to a bigger bike im 5'4 and 105 pounds what would be the best dirt bike for me?

a yz or crf 150

What would be a good size dirt bike for a 14 year old 5'2 105 pounds?

125/150 as long as frame sized right & toes touch ground when on the bike.

How many calories should a 105 pound woman have?

i seen on a show that you should eat 10 calories per pound so about 1050 a day

How much is the most expensive dirt bike?

As far as pure production dirt bike I would say it would have to be the BMW HP2 Enduro coming in at $20,590. At 1170cc and putting out a whopping 105 hp, I think it is safe to say, you won't be seeing many (if any) of these bad boys in the US.

What stone is 105 pound?

105 pounds is 7.5 stone.

What size dirt bike would be good for my 13 year old son He is 5'1 105 lbs He is a pretty ggod rider on his crf 80?

A yamaha ttr125 wood be good

How many kilos are 105 pound?

105 kilograms = 231.485 pounds.

What is the fastest 4 stroke dirt bike?

My best guess is for a stock dirt bike, the BMW HP2 Enduro. It puts out 105 hp at 7000 rpm. The following is a excerpt from a 10 day test of the bike by The HP2 is a true gravel rocket and the ultra strong engine is good for some indecent top speeds off-road. It can easily do 125mph, truly a break neck speed off road. If were talking pure mx bike, KX500 or CR500.

If i am thirteen years old an am about 5 feet tall and 4 inches how much am i supposed to weigh?

you should about 105 pound

What is 7and a half stone in pound?

105 pounds.

What are the release dates for Outrageous Food - 2010 The 105- Pound Burger?

Outrageous Food - 2010 The 105- Pound Burger was released on: USA: 31 October 2010