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ecoli is a lactose metabolizer, can live on macconkey while psuedomoas cannot.

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Q: What differences between Ecoli and pseudomonas sp on MacConkey agar?
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Why does the ecoli and pseudomonas are different on the MacConkey agar?

MacConkey's agar is a differential media used to differentiate between lactose fermenting and lactose non-fermenting bacteria. E.coli is a lactose fermenter whereas Pseudomonas is a lactose non-fermenter.MacConkey's agar contains lactose as fermentable sugar and when it is fermented the pH of the medium decreases which is registered by neutral red (a pH indicator).Lactose fermenters such as E.coli produce pink colonies whereas lactose non-fermenters such as Pseudomonas produces colorless colonies. So the colors of E.coli and Pseudomonas colonies are different on MacConkey's agar.

What is the culture characteristic of Ecoli thst grow on macconkey agar?

E.coli shows pink colour colonies in MacConkey agar due to fermentation of lactose

Is plasmid that can replicate in Ecoli and Pseudomonas a high copy number plasmid?

Many Pseudomonas plasmids are transmissible to E. coli, but the copy number is plasmid-dependent. Some plasmids are of low-copy number whereas some are high-copy number, and we should also consider copy-number-incompatibility. It could not be said that plasmids which can replicate in E.coli and Pseudomonas are of high copy number.

How does Ecoli poising occur?

When a product has the Ecoli bacteria and you consume it.

Is vancomicyn resistant ecoli contagious and how?

is vancomicyn resistant ecoli contagious

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yes black people can only get sick from ecoli

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EColi bacteria is a very dangerous and deadly bacteria that is found on food.

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