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Vickers- belt fed water cooled medium machinegun. Vickers a light, air cooled, magazine fed.

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Q: What difference between the vickers machine gun and the Lewis gun?
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How many vickers machine guns did a sopwith camel have?

The Camel F.1 had two Vickers guns. The Camel 2F.1 only had one Vickers gun, and a Lewis gun was mounted atop the wing.

What was the name of the most efficient machine guns used during WW 1?

The Maxim, Vickers, Lewis, Springfield M1917, and Schwarzlose machine guns were all of comparable efficiency.

Can you Name 20 English guns?

Accuracy International AWM L98 Cadet Rifles Parker Hale PDW SA80 Sterling SAR-87 Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver Webley Revolver Enfield revolver Besa machine gun Bren light machine gun Hotchkiss M1909 Benet-Mercie machine gun Lewis Gun Maxim gun Rolls Royce .50 Cal Experimental Machine Gun Vickers .50 machine gun Vickers machine gun Vickers-Berthier Farquhar-Hill rifle Parker Hale M85 British Bulldog revolver

Which gun was better the Lewis gun or the vickers gun?

Apples and oranges. Lewis was lighter, could be fired like a rifle, limited magazine capacity. Vickers was heavy, required a mount, belt fed, no limit to number of cartridges.

What weapons were used in the air during World War 2?

Machine Guns used on aircraft. Lewis (GB) Vickers (GB) Spandau (Ger) Parabellum (Ger) Hotchkiss (Fr) Browning (USA) Marlin (USA)

What machine guns were used in ww1?

This is far from a complete list Russia M1908 Maxim Great Britain Vickers Lewis Colt US Browning Colt Chauchat Austria-Hungary Schwarzlose Germany Maxim France Chauchat

Gun which in 1915 became the standard weapon used in airplanes?

Numerous aircraft machine guns were used during WW I but among the most common were the British Vickers and Lewis machine guns and the German Spandau 08 and Parabellum. The French Hotchkiss saw some limited usage as well.

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What is the difference between Lewis symbol and Lewis structure?

The difference between the Lewis dot structure and the structural formula is that the formula only shows the bonds that have formed whereas the dot structure shows all the valence electrons, including lone pairs, in that molecule.

What is a Lewis gun?

A Lewis gun was an early type of machine gun used in WW1.

What weapons were used at the Battle of the Somme?

The Battle of Somme was an important battle during World War I. During this battle, Germany introduced poison gas as a new weapon.

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