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you crack me up or my pop is bigger than your pop

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Q: What did one fire cracker say to the other one?
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How are observations and hypotheses related?

observations and hypotheses are related let me just say it like this u need one of the other to make the other one with out one there would be the other one

Is Science is a boon or a bane?

I say tht it depends on our view what we r seeing. on one hand it can become a deity for us on one hand and on d other hand it can become a feri

A fire blanket is put over a fire what has been removed from the fire triangle?

The fire triangle is fuel, oxidant (or oxygen), and ignition source. When you use a fire blanket to put out a fire, you are cutting off the supply of fresh oxygen (the oxygen still under the blanket gets consumed as the fuel burns).There are however various components that can burn with no oxygen present.A fire is in a way no more than a powerful chemical reaction making a lot of heat.Heat itself will increase the rate of the chemical reaction and this is often why we consider a fire to be out of control. Common for all fires is that they need something to react with. If one remove the reactant from the fuel, then the fire stops. What the reactant is depends strongly on the fuel at hand.A normal approach in order to put out a fire is to use vast amounts of water.This works quite effectively in two ways. Firstly by lowering the temperature. secondly by forming steam of which removes oxygen (reactant).There are however fires that very well burn vicariously even when submerged totally in water. Such a fire can occur when we burn the metal Magnesium.Under normal circumstances such a fire will only be put out with sufficient amounts of sand or salt. This will remove available oxygen or reactants and the fire will stop.Most fires can be put out if one have a fire extinguisher filled with Nitrogen. We normally say that nothing can burn in an atmosphere of pure Nitrogen. This is however not so when it comes to a fire with Magnesium. Magnesium burns equally as well with Nitrogen instead of Oxygen.

How do you do improper fractions?

Well let's say that you have the mixed number one and a half. The one counts as 2 two's. Then you add the two two's with the other two that made up the half and get three over two.

Does a house burn up or down?

A house burns up (heat rises) but they say it burns down. A figure of speech.