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His face turned into the door knocker on Scrooge's door.

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2012-12-20 21:09:12
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Q: What did marley's face turn into in the Christmas carol?
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What made Scrooge from A Christmas Carol turn mean?

Nobody exactly knows

What did the last ghost turn into in A Christmas Carol?

He didnt turn in to anything. Once Scrooge had given his oath to keep Christmas he disappeared as their job was complete

Which ghost seemed to affect Scrooge the most in A Christmas Carol?

The Ghost of Christmas Future affected Scrooge the most. It was seeing what his actions would cause that made him turn around.

What name was on the grave stone in a Christmas carol when the ghost of Christmas future shows Scrooge?

it says vingeega scrooge because if he dosent turn nicer that's wat will happen death

Why did Charles dickens call the story a Christmas carol?

In part of the book when Scrooge is still mean, a caroler comes to his window and sings a carol in hope of food. Scrooge in turn throws a something at him and shoos him away.

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What year did the novella A Christmas Carol turn into a play?

The "novella" was actually adapted for the stage almost immediately such was its impact. Three productions area recorded as opening on 5 February 1844, with one by Edward Stirling sanctioned by Dickens himself running for 40 nights. By the end of February 1844, eight rival Christmas Carol theatrical productions were playing in London alone.

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