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he wrote a proclation

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Q: What did Lincoln do to help stop slavery?
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What was significant about Lincoln's presidency?

he help stop slavery

What 2 accomplishments did Abraham Lincoln make while he was president?

help stop slavery

What did Abraham Lincoln do for god?

He answered his request to help the black people and stop slavery. God the not believe in slavery.

Did he try to stop slavery?

Did who try to stop slavery? Abraham Lincoln

What did Abraham Lincoln promise to do before he was elected?

He promised to help free slaves

What did Abraham Lincoln stop?

Abe Lincoln stopped slavery .

When did Abraham Lincoln stop slavery?

Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery on September 22nd, 1862

Did Abraham Lincoln stop slavery in Asia?

No he stopped slavery in the USA.

Who did Abraham Lincoln stop slavery?


What did Abe Lincoln do about slavery?

He tried to stop it.

What was Lincoln's feelings about slavery?

he did not like slavery. let it be known though that slavery was not why Lincoln had the war. it was to stop the south fromm seceding. but to answer your question, no, he did not like slavery.

What year did Abe Lincoln stop slavery?