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Your urine, or your blood.

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Q: What detects pregnancy in pregnancy test?
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What hormone does a urine pregnancy test detect?

A urine pregnancy test detects hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin.

Can a low sprem count make a home pregnancy test say negative?

Sperm has nothing to do with a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test is done by a woman to find out if she is pregnant or not. She pees on it and it detects the pregnancy hormone.

Can a tampon alter urine pregnancy test result?

Tampons do not alter the accuracy of a pregnancy test. The test detects a chemical in urine that isn't changed by tampon use.

If you have a phantom pregnancy will the pregnancy test be positive?

Yes. In a phantom pregnancy, the body is tricked into feeling like it is pregnant. Consequently the same hormones present in a real pregnancy will be present in the body of someone who is undergoing a phantom pregnancy, and these hormones are what a pregnancy test detects.

What test would best detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin aka hCG?

A pregnancy test, either blood or urine detects the hormone hCG.

Can a pregnancy test detect a gallbladder?

Everyone has a gallbladder unless it has been surgically removed, but if you mean can it detect a gallbladder problem, no it can't. A pregnancy test detects a hormone only produced during pregnancy by an embedded embryo so nothing else can mimic it.

Is it possible to pass a pregnancy test 7 days after intercourse?

If you think you may be and you just can't wait to find out, a blood test is available that detects the pregnancy hormone much sooner than the time it would take to show up in urine.

Can taking a pregnancy test after 3 days show any results?

It will come out as negative, because the levels of the pregnancy hormones it detects won't be high enough. 2 weeks is the earliest you can take a test, because that's the earliest that hormone levels will be high enough

The creatinine clearance test detects abnormalities in which body system?

It detects problems at the level of the kidney, since this is a specific kidney function test.

What detects cocaine the best a urine test or a swab drug test?

urine test

What if you r taking vitamin's that has the same things in it as prenatal's will it make you test a false positive?

A pregnancy tests detects the hcg in your system. It can read a false negative but not a false positive.

What if you have to low of Hcg the hormone that detects pregnancy what If its to low to detect on blood or pissed test but you have a feeling you are pregnant what should you do?

Pregnancy can also be detected through a blood test