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Roses has a senior discount on Wednesdays. 10%

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What day is senior discounts

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Q: What day seniors have discount at roses department stores?
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What department stores give senior citizen discounts?

Roses Department Stores

What is the address for roses department store in Winston Salem North Carolina?

Roses discount store is 2835 REYNOLDA RD WINSTON-SALEM , NC 27106 There is no Roses department store.

Where is all roses department stores?


Where can roses be found?

A nearby flower shop. Or the garden department of home improvement stores.

Is roses department stores still open?

Yes, There is a store in Sylva, North Carolina. It is still open for business.

In what year did Roses department stores launch their first store?

Roses department store was founded in 1915 in Henderson, North Carolina by Paul Howard Rose. The chain expanded quickly into Oxford, Roxboro, Luisburg, and Roanoke Rapids by 1918.

Where can someone purchase a Bouquet of Roses?

There are many places where one may purchase a bouquet of roses. The most obvious place would be a florists. Some large supermarkets and department stores also sell them.

What are roses department store hours?

Wat time does it open

Where to find Gaia roses?

You can't, their only available in stores.

Does roses dept store have a website?

Roses Stores are owned by Variety Wholesalers, Inc. There is not a website specifically for Roses; however, VarietyWholesalers' web address is http:/

What is the telephone number for Roses Department Store headquarters in Henderson NC?

rose-s-stores-incRaleigh/Durham District office number is 919-471-9813District manager's name is Mr. Dewar.

What is the Web address for rose's department stores?

Variety Wholesalers, Inc., is a North Carolina corporation that operates a number of retail stores that are grouped into three main divisions. The Super 10 Division consists of 195 stores operating under the names "Popes," "Eagles," "Super Dollar," "Bill's Dollar Stores" and "Super 10." The Maxway Division consists of 153 stores. The Roses Division consists of 98 stores ranging in size from 30,000 square feet to 70,000 square feet, and the stores in this division are chiefly competitive with larger discount stores such as K-Mart and Wal-Mart. Variety Wholesalers Has a web site that includes the company's history, and a store locater.

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