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All I know is May 2008 All I know is May 2008 All I know is May 2008

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Q: What date was Kim Rhodes baby born?
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When was Kim Rhodes born?

Kim Rhodes was born on June 07, 1969

What is Kim Rhodes's birthday?

Kim Rhodes was born on June 7, 1969.

When is Kim Rhodes's birthday?

She was born June 7th, 1969

What did Kim Rhodes call her baby?

Tabitha Jane

How many kids kim Rhodes have?

Kim Rhodes' daughter, Tabitha Jane, was born in May 2008.

Where was Kim Rhodes born?

July 16, 1979

What is Kim Rhodes's occupation?

Kim Rhodes is a/an Actress

Is Kim Rhodes single?

No, Kim Rhodes is not single.

What is the height and weight of Kim Rhodes?

Kim Rhodes is an actress who was born in Portland, Oregon on June 7, 1969. Kim's height is 1.77 m and her weight is 59 kg.

What is the birth name of Kim Rhodes?

Kim Rhodes's birth name is Kimberly Rhodes.

Where did Kim Rhodes go to college?

Kim Rhodes went to *

Are Kim Rhodes and Cynthia Rhodes cousins?

There is no mention of the two being related at at least two reliable websites. Kim has one sister, Jennifer.