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The United States used the atomic bomb offensively during WWII. That is pretty close to nuclear weapons.

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Q: What country used nuclear weapons offensively?
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Which country used nuclear weapons first?


What country had nuclear weapons that they used on their own country?

The US tested nuclear weapons on its own territory including the deserts of the continental southwest US.

Why is Japan sensitive to nuclear issues?

They are the only country to have nuclear weapons used on them in a war.

Which countries used nuclear weapons during the war?

The only country that has ever used nuclear weapons in any war was the US, at the end of WW2.

Which country first used nuclear chemical for war?

Chemical weapons were first used in war by Germany in WW1.Nuclear weapons were first used in war by the US in WW2.

What countries used nuclear weapons in World War 2?

The only country to ever use nuclear weapons in war is the United States with the two bombs they dropped on Japan. No other country has ever actually used a nuclear weapon.

Why nuclear weapons are used?

Nuclear weapons are primarily used as a deterrent to prevent other countries from attacking. They are seen as a last resort in case of extreme circumstances where a country's survival is threatened. Additionally, possessing nuclear weapons can give a country more influence and bargaining power in international relations.

Were nuclear weapons used in the Korean war?

No nuclear weapons were used in the korean war

What countries used nuclear weapons in the Vietnam War?

None. No nuclear weapons were used in Viet Nam.

Why do you have nuclear weapons?

Some of the countries have nuclear weapons because they use them as a defense mechanism. The nuclear weapons are intended to be used whenever there is a war.

Did the US use non nuclear weapons against japan?

the u.s. used non nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons against japan

Did you use nuclear weapons on Afghan?

No nuclear weapons have been used in Afghanistan to date.