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The United States uses more nuclear power than any other country, around 20 percent of the power in the United States is created via nuclear power. Other countries that use nuclear power include France, Russia, and Japan. These countries all create more energy via nuclear power percentage wise, however none create nearly as many total Kilowatt hours as the United States.

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In war? Only the US.

In tests? 8:

  1. US
  2. Russia
  3. UK
  4. France
  5. China
  6. India
  7. Pakistan
  8. North Korea

Israel probably makes it 9, but they won't confirm or deny their status.

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The US is the only country that has dropped an atomic weapon (a nuclear bomb). Many other countries, including the US, have tested thousands of nuclear bombs.

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Q: What countries have used a nuclear bomb?
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Which countries has used a nuclear bomb in war?

Only the USA

Is there a nuclear bomb?

Actually about 8 countries have some.

What is proliferation of nuclear weapons?

Proliferation of nuclear weapons refers to the spread of nuclear weapons amongst different countries. First the U.S. had a nuclear bomb; then the Soviet Union had a nuclear bomb, followed by other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, China, India, and so on.

Can you list countries who have the nuclear bomb now?

USRussiaUKFranceChinaIndiaPakistanNorth Koreaprobably Israel

What was used to bomb japan in World War 2 nuclear or hydrogen?

Nuclear. At the time it was called an atom bomb.

What is nuclear energy mostly used for?

To make deadly Nuclear bomb

Can a nuclear bomb be used to destroy a hurricane?


What is the principle used in the hydrogen bomb?

Nuclear fusion.

How does the nuclear bomb affect the world?

Preventing other countries with nuclear munitions from using them (nuclear deterrence, mutual assured destruction). Or, obviously, to end the world

How much plutonium used in nuclear bomb?

The amount of plutonium used in a nuclear bomb varies depending on the design, but typically around 4-6 kilograms of plutonium is used for a standard fission bomb.

How much did the plutonium device cost for the nuclear bomb?

The cost of the plutonium used in a nuclear bomb can vary greatly, depending on factors such as purity, quantity, and production method. However, estimates suggest that the plutonium used in a typical nuclear bomb could cost millions of dollars.

How big was the nuclear bomb used in fallout 3?

It wasn't just one bomb.. It was a huge nuclear bombardment during the Great War with China.