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if they suspect fraud, or theft, or embezzelment. government authorities and the IRS have the power to do this.

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Q: What could possible reasons be if your accounts have been frozen at your credit union?
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Can joint checking accounts be frozen for a husband's credit card debt?

Yes. The only exception is if the married couple live in a state that allows joint marital accounts to be held as Tenancy By The Entirety (TBE).

In the state of South Carolina can your wages be garnished or bank accounts frozen for a judgment from a creditor?

NO. In S.C. they can not garnish your wages if you have a judgement of a lien. It will go on your credit report, but no garnishments.

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How quickly do bank accounts get frozen?

Actually bank accounts can be frozen in a matter of minutes. An account can get frozen if the bank suspects fraudulent or money laundering activities in it or if there is a legal request from law enforcement authorities to freeze a particular account. Either ways the account would get frozen within minutes.

Can you use a credit card if its frozen?

If you mean a credit freeze, then no, you will not be able to use the card.

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What is frozen amount in bank?

A frozen amount in a bank meant that the deposit you have in your account cannot be withdrawn as it is "frozen". One of the reasons why account is frozen is because of a court order.

Can a credit union account be frozen because of a judgment?


How do you unlock a Frozen credit card?

Call the customer service number on the back.

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