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Your period. It sounds like you are having one of those early or late, or caught in between cycles. Are you emotionally distressed? It should be happening around every 28 days.

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Q: What could cause cramping when you do not have your period and it is about 10-11 days after your last period and your period is due in approximately 2 weeks?
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What could cause cramping when you do not have your period and it is about 10 11 days after your last period and your period is due in approximately 2 weeks?

Sounds like ovulation. Sometimes you get cramps with that. Don't have sex right now if you don't wish to become pregnant.

What would cause a woman who has been on depo for 4 years to start having severe cramping?

have you had your period?if not you could be having one.just cause you are on depo doenst mean you wont have a period.

If you have cramping and slight back pain 10 days before your period but no PMS systems 3 days before your period is due could that mean you are pregnant?

yes cause it happen to me

Slight Cramping is this your period?

Well that is hard to say without any more detail than that. It could be your period, it could be pregnancy, it could an ectopic pregnancy, it could be a miscarriage, it could be gas, it could be diarrhea; there are lots of possibilities that could be from just cramping.

Brown discharge and cramping Is this implantation cramping?

it deffinatly sounds like it, however, I had a period that started off that way. If you have missed a pill that could be the reason why

What could be wrong if you are cramping but not bleeding?

It's not unheard of for period like cramping to occur as early as 7-14 days before your period. However the cramping may be caused by a UTI, approaching period or even Ovulation. If the cramping is severe enough to require pain killers & your period doesn't arrive on time, then see your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test & also have a urine test performed for a UTI.

If your period is late but you are cramping could you be pregnant?

Periods can be late because of stress,diet, age and maybe irregular periods. Go take a pregnancy test if you think you might be pregnant the cramping could be a sign that your coming on your period from pink princess

What does it mean if you skipped your sugar pills so as not to get your period and now you are two weeks into your active pills and you have cramping and spotting and when will it go away?

Sometimes skipping the sugar pills can result in a earlier period which could be why you're cramping. After your period arrives the cramping should receed. Meanwhile don't miss anymore pills.

Im cramping but my period has not started?

If you are cramping but your period has not started, it is nothing to worry about. Many females experience stomach cramps, backache, mood swings and cravings in the days leading up to their period. If the pain is too much, you could take a painkiller and rest with a hot water bottle against your stomach.

If you are just cramping can that be your period?

yes it can b your period. it can also sometimes be gas. Another thing is it can be that your pregnant. so it could b either or

I have had my period it was not a regular period and now i am experiencing cramping and sore back what does this mean could i be going through inplantation?

Talk to your vag doctor

Cramping white vaginal discharge right after your period could it be an std its been 10 after my period negative pregnancy test?

You have aids... maybee