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It could be anything from a minor irregular period to serious health problems. I am leaning more towards the irregular period.

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2011-04-16 17:10:54
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Q: What could be the cause of missing your period 2 months and you are not pregnant?
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What is the cause for you to miss your period for two months?

you may be pregnant!

If Missed period for two months are you pregnant?

No, not after two months. your body can be going through changes. sometimes medication can cause it to be abnormal. after four months you should take a pregnancy test to make sure. if you are not pregnant and still are missing periods seek a doctor

That is wrong when you did not have your period for 2 months but you know you not pregnant?

Stress can cause the absence of a period.

What causes no period for months?

if you are pregnant it can cause you to miss some periods

What would cause no period for 7 or 8 months when youre not pregnant?


What could cause you to miss your period for 3 months if you are not a virgin?

you might be pregnant

Can a girl get pregnant not having her period in two months?

A girl won't get pregnant from not having her period; she may get pregnant from having sexual intercourse. However, the lack of the period may be an indication of pregnancy (but not the cause).

Could you be pregnant if you missed you period?

Pregnancy would certainly cause you to miss your period. But that's not the only possible reason for missing one period. To find out if you're pregnant, you need a real pregnancy test.

Can drinking cause missing a period?


If im on birth control and dont get my period for 3 months is that just making it easier to get pregnant?

No. Some forms of birth control pills actually cause you to not get your period for months.

Missed period for almost 2 months now have light spotting for 2 weeks?

If you have missed your period for two months you may be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test to be sure. If you are not pregnant, stress may be the cause of your missed cycle.

Not pregnant but haven't has a period in 4 months?

I am not a doctor, and I am not dispensing medical advice. However, it is well-known that lots of different things can affect your period. A likely cause for missing a period that many months in a row, but without being pregnant, is too low body weight/fat. Very athletic girls or girls with eating disorders sometimes stop having their period. Major lifestyle changes, extreme stress, or illness can also throw your body out of whack. See a physician to discuss the possible cause and/or treatment.

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